The most popular body wave hairstyle in 2019

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What kind of hair is the body wave? The body wavy hairstyle is to apply the girl's hair to the wavy curls. In 2019, the romantic and beautiful body waves are integrated with the fashionable 613 blonde. It is the most popular hairstyle in 2019. Contact me or link to Alisahair (

The pure and lovely campus girl combed the air with Liu Haichang straight hair. In the summer of 2019, the girl burned the straight hair under the shoulder into a body wavy hair, and then dyed all the hair into 613 blonde color, which was matched with the school uniform, and the girl’s image was elegant. Pure.

The fat-faced girl can also be an elegant goddess. The supple mid-length hair is boiled into body wavy curls, and then the big slanting comb is combed. The fluffy and wavy body wavy curls are golden, noble, and the fluffy curly long hair is wrapped around the fat face. Face-lifting and looking very girly.

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